Current press quotes "JAZZ TALKS"

PresseThis album is a masterpiece in every detail as well as in ist overall design... Liebman has an ingenious connection with the Swiss….
- Ulrich Olshausen, FAZ 1.6.2015

PresseThe four of them, as if they were soulmates, have mastered a virtuous, interactive balancing act between structure and improvisation. They definitely speak the same language during their "Jazz Talks", albeit every one of them enthusiastically expressing their own opinions that are reflected in musical conversations; sometimes dynamic, meditative or animatedly swinging but always inspirational to the others and never egocentric.
- Jazzthing, March-April 2015

Presse...the American jazz superstar must think a great deal of Vein's work; after all, it is their second joint production since "Lemuria". It is always very exciting and impressive to see what Dave Liebman brings out in the band and vice versa. Vein and Liebman really inspire each other. What a pleasure to experience how they communicate - their musical conversations are always interesting and exciting. Jazz Talks!!! - concerto/A

Presse…they are a very polished group, yet remain exciting and able to turn on a dime. Special note to the interplay and juxtaposition between the group and Liebman on “All The Things You Are”. It is brilliant!
- Zim Tarro, Cadence Jazz Magazine, NYC 3. 2015

PresseIn the trio VEIN, Liebman has found a perfectly attuned band to interact with. It is with seeming effortlessness that they generate and transform complex patterns and rhythmic flows...
- Neue Luzerner Zeitung/CH

PresseIf you like jazz, do not miss this CD!

Presse...The audience could return home safe in the knowledge that they had not just seen an old master of jazz but also an exceptionally multifaceted trio with great talent for composition and improvisation.
- 3 voor 12 Tilburg/NL

Presse"Jazz Talks" is a fantastic album. This is not just owing to Dave Liebman but also to the Swiss trio's equally strong performance... There is no question we will be hearing more of them. - 3 voor 12 Tilburg/NL

PresseDespite the contrasts – maybe because of them – this was a tight ensemble that read itself perfectly, resisting the pull of the obvious in favour of surprises. - Bristol 24/7, UK


NEW CD "VEIN - The Chamber Music Effect"

VEIN - The Chamber Music Effect

Michael Arbenz, piano / Thomas Lähns, bass / Florian Arbenz, drums

Boarding The Beat (Florian Arbenz), Prelude (Michael Arbenz), Poème De Nuit (Michael Arbenz), In Medias Res (Florian Arbenz), Ode To The Sentimental Knowledge (Florian Arbenz), Sheherazade (Michael Arbenz), Pastorale (Thomas Lähns), Ballet Of The Monkeys (Michael Arbenz) UNIT Records UTR 4716



"Alive And Undead"

Video by Caspar-Jan Hogerzeil & Benjamin Schiffner, 2013

VEIN with new agency for Scandinavia

VEIN works now with Jesper P. Graugaard, Booking Agent for Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland
PG Special Agent at Soundcloud
PG at Twitter

Videos featuring artwork of Stephan Spicher

Cooperating with artist Stephan Spicher from Basel, VEIN has launched 4 new videos:
YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube
all videos: Philippe Ohl,

CD feat. Dave Liebman: "LEMURIA"

VEIN feat. D. Liebman - LEMURIA

Michael Arbenz, piano / Thomas Lähns, bass / Florian Arbenz, drums / Dave Liebman sax

In Your Own Sweet Way (Dave Brubeck), Lemuria (M. Arbenz), I Loves You Porgy (G. Gershwin), Evolution (F. Arbenz), Climbing (F. Arbenz), Summertime (G. Gershwin)
UNIT Records UTR 4384

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