NEW CD "VEIN - The Chamber Music Effect"

VEIN - The Chamber Music Effect

Michael Arbenz, piano / Thomas Lähns, bass / Florian Arbenz, drums

Boarding The Beat (Florian Arbenz), Prelude (Michael Arbenz), Poème De Nuit (Michael Arbenz), In Medias Res (Florian Arbenz), Ode To The Sentimental Knowledge (Florian Arbenz), Sheherazade (Michael Arbenz), Pastorale (Thomas Lähns), Ballet Of The Monkeys (Michael Arbenz) UNIT Records UTR 4716



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PresseNice Work, get it! A trio with a thrilling creativity!
- Rolling Stone

PresseVein..., one of the most enthusiastic and interesting piano trios inrecent years... I must confess I am an official Vein fan. Since their debut, this trio has become as important to me as Esbjörn Svensson!!!
- Ben Williams, Concerto

PresseI have rarely heard jazz musicians of the younger generation play withsuch passion and drive!... very highly recommended!
- Wolfgang Giese, Rocktimes

PresseThis album is a masterpiece in every detail as well as in ist overall
design... Liebman has an ingenious connection with the Swiss….
- Ulrich Olshausen, FAZ

PresseTradition is always in view and that's precisely why it is soothingly hypermodern and zeitgeisty. The improvisational finesse of all participants meets magnificently attuned interplay, snotty anarchy and
high precision.
- Christian Köpf, Donaukurier

PresseUnless you have another CD by Vein, I reckon you're unlikely to have anything else in your collection that's quite like this...It grooves, it's rubato, it's subtle, it's fun, it's ruminative, it’s exultant; above all,it's constantly surprising. It's a treat.
- London Jazz News

Video"VEIN in 2016