PresseThis album is a masterpiece in every detail as well as in ist overall design... Liebman has an ingenious connection with the Swiss….
- Ulrich Olshausen, FAZ 1.6.2015

PresseThe four of them, as if they were soulmates, have mastered a virtuous, interactive balancing act between structure and improvisation. They definitely speak the same language during their "Jazz Talks", albeit every one of them enthusiastically expressing their own opinions that are reflected in musical conversations; sometimes dynamic, meditative or animatedly swinging but always inspirational to the others and never egocentric.
- Jazzthing, March-April 2015

Presse...the American jazz superstar must think a great deal of Vein's work; after all, it is their second joint production since "Lemuria". It is always very exciting and impressive to see what Dave Liebman brings out in the band and vice versa. Vein and Liebman really inspire each other. What a pleasure to experience how they communicate - their musical conversations are always interesting and exciting. Jazz Talks!!! - concerto/A

Presse…they are a very polished group, yet remain exciting and able to turn on a dime. Special note to the interplay and juxtaposition between the group and Liebman on “All The Things You Are”. It is brilliant!
- Zim Tarro, Cadence Jazz Magazine, NYC 3. 2015

PresseIn the trio VEIN, Liebman has found a perfectly attuned band to interact with. It is with seeming effortlessness that they generate and transform complex patterns and rhythmic flows...
- Neue Luzerner Zeitung/CH

PresseIf you like jazz, do not miss this CD!
- www.jazzine.nl/NL

Presse...The audience could return home safe in the knowledge that they had not just seen an old master of jazz but also an exceptionally multifaceted trio with great talent for composition and improvisation.
- 3 voor 12 Tilburg/NL

Presse"Jazz Talks" is a fantastic album. This is not just owing to Dave Liebman but also to the Swiss trio's equally strong performance... There is no question we will be hearing more of them. - 3 voor 12 Tilburg/NL

PresseDespite the contrasts – maybe because of them – this was a tight ensemble that read itself perfectly, resisting the pull of the obvious in favour of surprises. - Bristol 24/7, UK



PresseThe Album “VOTE for VEIN” opens with a track that is solid, bizarre, feisty and has a frenetic sense humour – so practically standard for VEIN…“Appearance and Speech” is one of the most exciting, dense and entertaining pieces of contemporary jazz literature. You will want to hear it over and over again…The belter “No We Can’t – Vote for Us Anyway!” is the ideal theme tune to the end of a sensually humorous, almost theatrical set. Piano trio jazz doesn’t get more surprising and unconventional than this – Vote for Vein!
– Hans-Jürgen Schaal, Fidelity Magazin 1.2014

PresseVEIN are driving tradition forward with great curiosity, a passion for anything different, highest improvisational finesse and superb interplay. Their government participation would be more than welcome.
- Tobias Böcker, Jazz Zeitung 11.2013

PresseThere’s no question about it, I have fallen for this music...
– Wolfgang Giese, Rocktimes 11.2013

Presse…this magnificent trio is innovative without turning its back on various traditional influences. VEIN leads us to a jazzy future that is beguiling, harmonious, imaginative and rich. Their style, programme and musical quality is so appealing that last year they played eleven countries on three continents last year. So without hesitation: VOTE for VEIN!
– Entreprises Magazine, 12.2013

PresseVEIN – An infernal trio. The piano trio from Basel are no longer newcomers and, it must be said, are among the best of what their genre has to offer today… Genuine modernity that rests upon a solid tradition is what the accomplished and superbly made album “VOTE for VEIN” has to offer.
– La république du jazz, 11.2013

PresseThree people can't be wrong!" Vote for Vein is groovy, virtuoso and diverse in its design. The music is fun – it's as simple as that. Vein has assured its place in the jazz scene. Highly recommended!
- Ingo Andruschkewitsch, Musikansich, 10.2013

PresseYou'd sooner vote for this Swiss jazz trio than for any political party.
- Concerto, 10.2013

PresseOne thing's for sure: At almost four minutes, the opener "Appearance and speech",..., is practically a single in its own right. The follow-up album to "vote for vein" will not disappoint listeners. This is an ambitious summary of elements that are highly complex but also improvised.
- nachrichten.net, 10.2013

PresseDespite the formula piano-bass-drums being hackneyed, the trio succeeds in adding its personal touch by wandering through the universe of jazz light-footedly and in style, avoiding the abyss that is today's overly constructed music. It’s yours to (re)discover!
- Culturejazz 10.2013

PresseUnless you have another CD by Vein, I reckon you're unlikely to have anything else in your collection that's quite like this...It grooves, it's rubato, it's subtle, it's fun, it's ruminative, it’s exultant; above all, it's constantly surprising. It's a treat.
- London - Jazz News 4. 2014

Current press quotes

Presse...Many critics believe that the young pianist Michael Arbenz is on the threshold of becoming an international star of which more is yet to come. What a stroke of luck to have a brother (Florian Arbenz) who is arguably one of the best drummers in Europe and winner of the European Culture Award for his dedication in the field of jazz and classical music. He effortlessly masters all styles of drumming, his solos tell soft, loud and incredibly exciting stories - often in duet with bassist Thomas Lähns who equally deserves the status of being a prodigy...
- Peter Michael Bluhm, Augsburger Allgemeine, 11.2011

PresseVein, a piano trio with a difference. These guys can play together (like on “Funky Monkey”) at a new level of straight-eight interaction... They don’t really sound like anybody, but do proceed (way) out of the Evans-Bley tradition. Anybody who wants something truly new in the piano trio format would do well to hear this one.
- Grego Edwards, Cadence, NYC, 2.2010

PresseFriday night's magnificent highlight was delivered by the young brothers from Basel, Michael and Florian Arbenz (piano and drums), in a trio with double bass player Thomas Lähns. The listener is swiftly and comfortably catapulted into hyper modernity by means of a format that is not necessarily associated with the current zeitgeist: the piano trio. This music is unclichéd and highly original, seemingly oscillating somewhere between M-Base, Cecil Taylor and Debussy, mainly carried by heavy and highly energetic binary grooves. A cocky yet comfortable combination of the anarchic and the precise... Spectacular, stupendous, spellbinding.
- Christoph Merki, Tagesanzeiger, 14.5.07

VEIN feat. Dave Liebman

PresseVEIN are one of the few Swiss bands to be praised highly on an international level... Their music is radically modern, powerful and virtuoso; their interplay is of unerring confidence and their compositions are of rarely surpassed originality.
- Neue Oltner Zeitung, 5. March 2015

PresseThe edgy interplay of VEIN and Dave Liebman was already captured on their live album "Lemuria" in 2012. These four soulmates have now outdone themselves with the outstanding studio recordings „Jazz Talks", VEIN's ninth album.
CD Aktuell, March 2015

PresseThe brothers Michael and Florian Arbenz and bassist Thomas Lähns have a subtle sense of humour that is mainly reflected in their own compositions. [...] What makes this album special lies in the dynamics that create sweet suspense over and over again. 4.5 stars.
- Ken Vos, Jazzism Magazin (Holland), April 2015

PresseA summit meeting with Dave Liebman. This album works really well and demonstrates the high standard achieved by the trio from Basel.
- Ruedi Ankli, BZ, 17. April 2015

PresseListening to this CD leaves you with a deeply satisfying sense of balance and musical skill. VEIN are not in search of refuge with this excellent soloist; they have established a true cooperation and a respectful exchange.
- Patrick Spanko, SkJazz (Slovakia), 22. April 2015

PresseVEIN are driving tradition forward with great curiosity, a passion for anything different, highest improvisational finesse and superb interplay. Their government participation would be more than welcome.
- Tobias Böcker, Jazz Zeitung 11.2013

Presse…this magnificent trio is innovative without turning its back on various traditional influences. VEIN leads us to a jazzy future that is beguiling, harmonious, imaginative and rich. Their style, programme and musical quality is so appealing that last year they played eleven countries on three continents last year. So without hesitation: VOTE for VEIN!
– Entreprises Magazine, 12.2013

PresseThe Swiss Jazz trio, consisting of Michael Arbenz on piano, Thomas Lähns on bass and Florian Arbenz on drums, is indeed remarkable. Within the space of just a few years, they have become firmly established in the contemporary European jazz scene. This is due to their instrumental skills and almost symbiotic interplay... In this combination – a European trio and an American saxophonist – they have created something that is musically extraordinary. - Ivan Rod, DK

PresseWhat an absorbing evening’s music this was, making what was a superficially, stylistically familiar sound somehow a collective and quirky effort. Sometimes they were a classic piano trio, or blazing quartet, then a contemporary trio of equals demolishing a theme, then a freewheeling improvising unit. Mysteriously, I think this may have been one of a few, if not their only, date in UK on this trip. Well done, St. George’s for lassooing them.
- istomania bath, UK

PresseThe encounter between Dave Liebman and Vein must have been forged by a higher power under pressure by the sheer necessity of bringing to life their artistic existence.
- Ulrich Olshausen, Jazz 'n' More 11.2011

Presse...Liebman’s dark and abstract “Climbing” is a tense affair, with his powerful tenor fueled by the superb rhythm section... It’s a safe bet that future collaborations by David Liebman with Vein are in the works.
- Ken Dryden, The New York City Jazz Record, 2.2013

PresseThis music is some of the finest that jazz connoisseurs have heard in a long time.
...with an outstanding Dave Liebman on saxophone...
- Die Redaktion 9.2012

PresseVein: The trio sets a very big stage for Dave Liebman's small saxophone!
- Tagesanzeiger 9.2012

Presse...In line with their current CD "Lemuria - live", the music created at the "Unterfahrt" combined the roughness of jazzy freedom with the elegance of creative perfection.
- Ralf Dombrowski, Süddeutsche Zeitung 9.2012

PresseI have rarely heard jazz musicians of the younger generation play with such passion and drive!... very highly recommended!
- Wolfgang Giese, Rocktimes 10.2012

PresseLiebman and the Basel-based piano trio Vein share a sense of music that stands at the intersection of freedom and complexity and aims to create maximum energy without abandoning its subtlety. Their performance at the Jazzfestival Basel was received with enthusiasm by the audience and only leaves one thing to say: Here grows together what belongs together.
- Tom Gsteiger, Basler Zeitung, 4.2012

PresseThe quartet developed a seldom heard intensity and delighted the audience with an interactive jazz performance in its purest form.
- Ruedi Ankli, Basellandschaftliche Zeitung 4.2012

"VEIN plays Porgy and Bess"

PresseNice Work, get it! A trio with a thrilling creativity!
- Rolling Stone, 10.2011

PresseAlso make sure to catch the Swiss piano trio VEIN, who manage a feat with "Plays Porgy & Bess" by delivering a powerful and unconventional interpretation of Gershwin's often heard opera and translating it into shimmering sounds and exciting freshness and radiance.
- Hifi & Records Nr.4 2011

PresseVein..., one of the most enthusiastic and interesting piano trios in recent years... I must confess I am an official Vein fan. Since their debut, this trio has become as important to me as Esbjörn Svensson!!!
- Ben Williams, Concerto, 10.11

VEIN feat. Glenn Ferris

PresseWhy aren't the Arbenz twins from Basel more well-known? The trio, composed of Michael on piano, Florian on drums and Thomas Lähns on bass, is without a doubt one of the best in Europe: energetic and imaginative, highly virtuoso, surprising and with seldom heard blind confidence in their performance together. Any wind musician wanting to play with this triumvirate would be offered a dream rhythm section, provided he or she is in the same league...
- Beat Blaser, Argauer Zeitung, 26.11.10

VEIN feat. Greg Osby

PresseTradition is always in view and that's precisely why it is soothingly hypermodern and zeitgeisty. The improvisational finesse of all participants meets magnificently attuned interplay, snotty anarchy and high precision.
- Christian Köpf, Donaukurier, 21. April 2015

PresseAt the "Schützen", the piano trio VEIN from Basel and guest saxophonist Greg Osby demonstrated that there are ways of extending the grammar of modern jazz by updating the vocabulary and breaking free from standard formulas. Those molecules are moving in a truly Monk-esque manner. Michael Arbenz at the grand piano impresses with rich harmonies and wide-spanning melos. He skilfully switches between rhythmic delays and drive, dense chord progression and shining single notes. His brother Florian works the drums in a springy and elastic way. Thomas Lähns surprises with bold intervallic leaps and the full sound of a plucked and bowed double bass. Greg Osby on alto sax is overwhelming with his singing tone and flowing, soft series of notes. This original ensemble is mainly characterised by a latent hint at multiple styles but an identifiable overall sound remains.
- Udo Andris, Badische Zeitung, 27. April 2015

PresseIn the jazz club, a concert took place that was of a almost divine class of its own. Greg Osby made his appearance with the Swiss piano trio Vein. … After everything that the 47-year-old alto saxophone stylist has passed through during his career he seems to be congenially cradled like never before with the two Arbenz brothers and the bass player Thomas Lähns. … Vein challenges and supports Osby in a sublime manner. The pianist Michael Arbenz must be seen as hidden world star. He plays in a league with Brad Mehldau and Jacky Terrasson, technically virtuously and precisely, fissuredly wide-rangingly, filled with crazy ideas that emerge between knotted hacked chords and tingly silver-reels, harmonious, cumbersome or mellifluous – an intimate dance with the spirits of Lennie Tristano and Thelonious Monk and one’s very own mind…
- Ulrich Olshausen, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 3.2008

Presse...And they sounded like extraordinary ones; playing with an intense and intricate togetherness few bands can match....In the end, it would be a waste to vote for Vein, or Osby; they’re much too talented musically to run the government.
- Jazz Wise Magazine 4. 2014